Explore New Possibilities with DXRacer Multifunctional Armrests

PattyAugust 15, 2022

Long periods of sitting put pressure on the neck and shoulders, which can easily lead to shrugging. Adjustable armrests help place your wrists and elbows in a comfortable position, easing discomfort and preventing shrugging. Therefore, whether at home or in the office, picking the proper armrests will encourage you to keep the proper sitting posture. DXRacer improves the functionality and comfort of 3D and 4D armrests by offering optimal support no matter how seated the user is. Let's analyze the differences between 3D and 4D armrests so that you can choose and utilize them more effectively.

3D Armrests

We believe the functionality of 3D armrests can satisfy the requirements of the majority of customers. This is due to the fact that the front and back adjustment option is less appealing to the majority of users if the gaming chair is otherwise well-configured. AIR D7100 is an incredible mesh gaming chair with 3D armrests.

With the 3-direction adjustment, the armrests may be moved approximately 3.6 cm forward or backward, providing more customization choices than the 2D armrest. The armrests' height can be adjusted by approximately 7.3 cm. Furthermore, you can also rotate 25 degrees to the left and right to accommodate various sitting postures. It provides support for wrists and elbows, and alleviates pressure on the forearm muscles.

3D Armrest Adjustments:
Armrest Height Adjustability 7.3 cm
Armrest Front & Back Adjustability 3.6 cm
Armrest Surface Can Be Rotated 25°

4D Armrests

As expected, 4D armrests can be moved in four directions. If you desire a gaming chair with 4D armrests, then Air D7200 is a great option. The updated metal interior provides optimal support and a resting position for your forearm. PU padding made is more durable and can be maintained with less effort. With the adjustment buttons, the multifunctional armrests can be adjusted up and down, left and right, forward and backward, or inward and outward within a small range. There are four screws used to secure the armrest, making it more stable.

There will be more room for your body, and your arms will be able to rest in a more natural, comfortable position with significant support if you are taller and big guys. The 4D armrest improves upon the functionality of the 3D armrest by providing about 25mm of adjustability on each arm to the left and right. Adjusting 4D armrests is effortless and precise. It is also incredibly simple to assemble. You can choose from black, yellow&red&blue, white&cyan and white&red to customize the style of your room.

4D Armrest Adjustments:
Armrest Height Adjustability 7.3 cm
Armrest Front & Back Adjustability 3.6 cm
Armrest Width Adjustability 2.4 cm
Armrest Surface Can Be Rotated 25°

DXRacer's armrests and 
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