How to Protect Your Gaming Chair from Your Cat?

PattyJuly 5, 2022

Why cats like scratching gaming chairs?
Cats are natural predators. Untrained cats can rapidly develop behavioral issues and become aggressive. This may result in the cat scratching whatever it wants and refusing to stop when instructed. Despite their cuteness, all cat owners have scratches on their arms and bodies from their beloved pets. Cats have the instinct to scratch and claw, and because the fabric of your gaming chair is scratchable, your cat scratches it.

What might cause to gaming chairs?
Cat claws may damage your gaming chair. The material of a gaming chair is essential. The gaming chair is not made entirely of metal, but also plastic, sponge, mesh, leather, etc. When your cat or other pet scratches on these materials, it leaves marks on the surfaces and the foam will be exposed if the fabric is torn. A scratched or torn gaming chair will not only lose its delicate design and aesthetic appeal, but it will also be less comfortable, lowering its resale value.

What material can avoid cat scratches?
If you have a cat and are planning to purchase a gaming chair, you should consider a scratch-resistant gaming chair fabric in advance. If your cat attempts to scratch or play on your chair, there will be no damage. In this case, PU leather and simple fabric are useless. Therefore, the mesh or microfiber is the optimal option. Mesh material will allow your cat's paws to go in and out of the seat safely and will leave fewer marks, reducing the risk of damage to the chair. Scratch marks are less noticeable on darker-colored surfaces, thus black is a good color choice. I am confident that the DXRacer Air Mesh Gaming Chair can meet all of your requirements.

How to protect gaming chairs from cats?

1)Transparent furniture shields made of scratch-resistant plastic or a combination of various materials will not affect the aesthetics.
2)Scratching poles are long poles with various scratchy fabrics on them, which can be used to distract your cat.
3)The pungent scent of the anti-scratch spray will keep your cat away from the gaming chair.
4)Trim the long nails on your cat's claws, so the scratches won't be very deep and you needn’t have to worry about the fabric getting torn.
5)Apply the double-sided tape on the chair where the cat prefers to scratch. If your cat scratches again, its paws will become stuck.
6)You may also use a citrus-scented spray or add lemon juice and water to a spray container.